Creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere
for those nearing the end of their lives.

"The journey with others begins in the birth of an uttered prayer etched on the hearts of those who care"
—Jocelyn Sherman

Songs for the Journey
Extends Special Thanks

Caring Hands, Guitar, Circle of Prayer,
and Music Ministry photographs by:
Richard Hertzler Photography
One Radcliff Road
Willow Street, PA  17584
(717) 464-3711

Thank you to the
St. Anthony Messenger:
Our photos appeared in the November 2006 article
featuring Songs for the Journey.

Songs for the Journey wishes to thank Mennonite Home Communities for their ongoing prayer and support over the past many years.
Mennonite Home Communities
1520 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA  17601
(717) 393-1301

Thank you to
Monarca Lynn Merrifield
for her beautiful drawing on our brochure

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