Creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere
for those nearing the end of their lives.

"The journey with others begins in the birth of an uttered prayer etched on the hearts of those who care"
—Jocelyn Sherman

Description of a Music Ministry

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Vigil music at the bedside creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere for those who are nearing the end of their lives.  Our ministries are a service and not a performance.  Each ministry is unique and tailored to meet the individual needs of every patient and family.

We typically sing in a team of two or three.  Our music is very soft and very slow.  An average ministry lasts about 30 minutes but this can vary due to patient or family circumstance.  Both the patient and the family have the freedom to end the music ministry at any time.

We sing from five different repertoires:  Gospel & Spiritual, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and secular.  The songs we sing should be the songs the person who is dying would want to hear.

Music may bring about the release of emotions.  Music can also transport us to a place of peace and acceptance.

Our music ministries enable the patient and the family to put away the medical and embrace the spiritual and emotional side of the dying process.  Music is one of the most beautiful ways to release your loved one and guide him/her lovingly on toward death.

Music lends relaxation, peace and sanctity to the moment.