Creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere
for those nearing the end of their lives.

"The journey with others begins in the birth of an uttered prayer etched on the hearts of those who care"
—Jocelyn Sherman

Songs for the Journey:
Comfort and Compassion
Through Music

Songs for the Journey is a nondenominational, volunteer, music ministry. Our live music ministries provide comfort and guidance to those who are near death, as well as to those who love them. We are called to serve at the request of family and health care professionals. We provide this service within the health care facilities and private homes of Lancaster County, PA. 

In addition to offering live music ministries, some of our volunteers serve as Companions for the Journey. These volunteers offer an abiding presence for the dying who do not have the comfort of friends or family.

According to Trevor Bollinger (Director of Social Work 2002 - 2006, Mennonite Home Communities, Lancaster, PA),"The soothing music gives family, friends, and staff the oppportunity to say good-bye and love the dying person toward death." 

This website contains information that describes a SFTJ ministry, gives details on how to request a ministry and guides those who desire to become members of Songs for the Journey.