Creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere
for those nearing the end of their lives.

"The journey with others begins in the birth of an uttered prayer etched on the hearts of those who care"
—Jocelyn Sherman

Becoming a Member
of Songs for the Journey

We are happy and excited about your interest to join Songs for the Journey as either a singer or a non-singing Journey Companion.

To give you an idea of the amount of time and effort you need to put into becoming a part of Songs for the Journey, here is what is involved in our orientation:

Six hours of orientation – As part of this orientation, singers will be asked to sing.
A total and thorough reading of the SFTJ Orientation Manual - It is about 40 pages in length.

You will be asked to sign “Agreements of Confidentiality” with SFTJ as well as with a number of other facilities.

You will need to agree to a criminal background check and a two-step TB test, none of which will be at your expense.  The TB test will require 4 trips to a lab over a 12 day period. You will then make copies of this test and mail them off to 2 other facilities.  If you have tested positively on prior TB tests, you may need to have a chest x-ray.  Should this be the case, your chest x-ray will need to be done at your expense.  You can check with your medical insurance carrier to see if this is a covered expense.

In addition to your initial two-step TB test, you may need to have a one-step TB test done every year.  This would require two trips over a 3 day period to one of our testing facilities.

You will be filling out and mailing off 2 or 3 more applications to volunteer at various medical facilities as part of your orientation with SFTJ.

You will need to acquaint yourself with a large amount of selected music from various faiths.  This is all learned by ear.  About half of these songs will be familiar to you.

You will be required to attend all in-services for SFTJ.  These in-services may be as often as once a year. 

You must have a good amount of free and available time in order to be a singer for SFTJ.

COMMITMENT:  SFTJ needs to be a top priority for you!!  If you are involved already in a few other community or church related volunteer services then you do not have enough available time to serve in this ministry as a singer.  We welcome you then to consider being a non-singing Journey Companion which requires less of a commitment to this ministry.  Journey Companions abide at the bedside of our dying who have no one to be with them. 

As a singer you will be emailing or telephoning your availability to the SFTJ coordinator weekly.  You then mark your calendar with the dates and times that you are “on-call” for this ministry.  This does not mean you sit at home and wait for the phone to ring for a ministry.  Go about your daily living, coming and going, but keep your cell phone on or check frequently for messages.  The times that we are asked to do ministries are varied and are not predictable.  Knowing who is readily available is a must when calls come in and time is of the absolute essence.

If you are feeling God’s call to this ministry, and if you can put forth the time, the energy and the commitment that is required of you in this ministry then call 569-1723.  We will guide you on how to start the orientation process for SFTJ.  We look forward to meeting you and serving the Lord at your side.

We have such a need for the prayers of others as a support in our ministry.  If you cannot join us at the bedside, please consider joining our prayer support team.  We can accomplish nothing without the blessing and hand of God upon us.