Creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere
for those nearing the end of their lives.

"The journey with others begins in the birth of an uttered prayer etched on the hearts of those who care"
—Jocelyn Sherman

How a Family Member
Can Request a Music Ministry

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The music that can be offered to someone who is dying or who is in the last days of a terminal illness is a beautiful final measure of relaxing, non-invasive comfort care. 

In requesting a music ministry you will need to give us information in order for us to best serve the person who is dying.  This information does not have to be written.  It only needs to be given to us over the phone. 

569-1723 and 471-0590 (Leave a message at both numbers) You do not need to leave any patient information in a message, just state that you have an urgent request.

Patient’s name
Is the patient actively dying?  Songs for the Journey serves only those who are actively dying.

Location of patient: 

    private home, hospital or nursing home/retirement community
    address and phone number of this location

Please note: If a music ministry will be taking place in a private home, a caregiver must be present in the household during a music ministry.

Primary caregiver’s information

    phone number
    relationship to the patient
    Is the primary caregiver also the POA or medical surrogate for the patient?

Please note:  If the patient is unresponsive or not of sound mind, the POA or medical surrogate for the patient must give verbal permission for a music ministry.  If responsive and of sound mind, the patient needs to clearly understand and agree to a music ministry.


    Name and phone number of the hospice that is caring for the patient.

    If there is no hospice involved in the patient’s care:  names and phone numbers of other medical professionals involved in the patient’s care.

Please note:  The medical/health care professionals who are involved in the patient’s care will need to receive permission from the patient or the patient’s POA to release private health information to us for the purpose of setting up a music ministry.

Music Selection:

The music that Songs for the Journey plays should be the music your loved one would like to hear. We offer: 

    Religious, Catholic, Protestant or Jewish music
    Religious, Gospel/Spiritual music
    Nondenominational Christian Music
    Secular music
    Relaxing melodies

Please note:  The fact that a patient has a church affiliation does not necessarily mean that a patient would desire to hear religious music.  If a patient is finding comfort and enjoyment in religious music now, or if such was the case prior to the patient becoming unresponsive then the use of religious music as vigil music is appropriate.

Scheduling Preferences:

    Are there any family members who are en route and who wish to have some last few moments with the patient?
    Is there a preferred day or time of the day for this music ministry that works best for the patient and the family? Whenever possible Songs for the Journey will try to accommodate this.