Creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere
for those nearing the end of their lives.

"The journey with others begins in the birth of an uttered prayer etched on the hearts of those who care"
—Jocelyn Sherman

Songs for the Journey
Companions for the Journey
Mission Statement

SONGS FOR THE JOURNEY is a nondenominational, volunteer, music ministry designed to bring peace and comfort to the dying and their families through music.

COMPANIONS FOR THE JOURNEY are volunteers who sit with the dying who are without the physical comfort of friends or family.


To offer compassion, peace, and comfort to the dying and their families, friends, and caregivers.

To offer music as a guide for the dying into the after-life.

To treat everyone we serve with dignity, respect, and compassion.

To reach out to all persons, guided by our mission to serve God, our brothers and sisters.

To maintain confidentiality in all we do.

To welcome dialogue with those who are discerning a calling to join us in bringing peace to others at the moment of death.

To plant the seed of a music ministry for the dying in other communities and inspire them in their efforts.


Songs for the Journey is not affiliated with any specific religion, medical facility, nursing home or organization. We are open to ministering to everyone. Twenty-four hour ministry is provided throughout Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Requests are fulfilled according to our availability. Our volunteers spend approximately thirty minutes with the dying person and the family, softly singing music that brings comfort to those present. There are no charges of any kind involved. We welcome dialogue with those who are interested in joining with us in this ministry.You may contact us at

717-569-1723 and 717-471-0590 (Leave a message at both numbers)

Although we are nonsectarian, all services are performed for the greater glory of God.